Ever wondered why Indians are said to have one of the best hair topping compared to other ethnic groups? Well, the credit for this is goes to what is termed as “Champi” in ancient Ayurveda. Champi is nothing but a hot oil massage that uses the concept of pressure points to relieve stress and rejuvenate and nourish both hair and skin. The practice of oiling hair dives deep into centuries in most Asian countries, predominantly India. Beyond beauty, the practice of oiling hair is passed on from generation to generation as a tradition. Like plants whose roots need water to sprout and grow, so is our body which grows fresh and healthy with the application of oil to hair and skin.

Hair oiling is practiced before taking a shower or before bed at night to harness the invigorative powers of oils and nourish hair. Oiling hair aids in many benefits like moisturizing, adding strength, lustrousness, thickness, and bounciness to hair. It is prescribed to oil hair once a week or twice for those with dry hair. In addition to hair health, it also benefits in relieving stress, removing toxins from the body, and restoring body balance. To add to the existing benefits, the coconut or sesame oil is infused with Ayurvedic herbs like bringaraja, hibiscus, and fenugreek. These herbs stimulate growth, remove heat from the body, act against the microbes, detoxify, and nourish the hair.

The Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha are the three elements that make up the human body, and any imbalance in these leads to various diseases. Oiling and massaging doesn’t just encourage hair growth but also bring a balance to these elements and relieve the body from various conditions. Alongside saturating hair strands, a head massage is an integral part of hair-oiling that enhances the penetrative action of the oils. A gentle massage while applying the oil calms the mind, exfoliates, improves microcirculation in the scalp, and strengthens hair right from the root.

To reap these benefits, apply warm oil to the scalp from the crown region and spread it all over with temperate strokes. Gently knead the scalp from sides to top and then reverse in a circular motion. Then work from the back of your head to the center and squeeze your temples gently slowly working down towards the neck points with your fingertips. Cover all over your scalp with gentle circular kneads and finally apply slight pressure on the depression points behind the ears.

Oiling hair could be new to many, but the benefits reaped are self-proven from centuries of the ancient practice. Oiling hair is perhaps one of the best ways to maintain the beauty as well as the health of the hair. If you haven’t introduced this super-beneficial thing to your body yet, start right from today. Try the TIWIL hair oil that was born out of love from Ayurveda’s thoughtful magnificent handmade recipe and show your love to your hair.

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