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Shampoo Bars – everything you need to know!

Isn’t having a good hair day a little of something that adds to the happiness? What if you can have healthy good hair forever and also be able to contribute to the goodness of the planet and live sustainably? Indeed, shampoo bars are a solution to it! A shampoo bar is exactly what it sounds... continue reading

Benefits of Oiling Hair

Ever wondered why Indians are said to have one of the best hair topping compared to other ethnic groups? Well, the credit for this is goes to what is termed as “Champi” in ancient Ayurveda. Champi is nothing but a hot oil massage that uses the concept of pressure points to relieve stress and rejuvenate... continue reading

Why natural soap?

Soap-making was in the picture as early as 2800 B.C. They were made by cooking fatty acids together with water and an alkaline, a caustic substance derived from wood ashes. It was used to wash away dirt and later to maintain the health of the skin. Due to its natural ingredients, soap was biodegradable and... continue reading